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Worship Blog ~ July 10th

How do we grow into a deeper relationship with our God?…the question asked by Rev.Moriarity at the beginning of morning worship.

The spiritual practice of play invites us to lighten up, play, have fun and give thanks for the gift of today.

As the congregation continues to explore spiritual practices.
Rev. Moriarity shared the reading “When I Look at a Patch of Dandelions”. The author looked at how differently adults and children view the world around them. For example, an adult would step over a puddle while a child would see the fun in it and splash delightedly.

The Reflection entitled “Six Again” began with the story of a woman whose birthday wish it was to be six again. Her husband tried to fulfill the wish by taking her to an amusement park; going on all the rides, eating all the park treats, then for a happy meal and finally to the drive-in. After an exhaustingly fun day, her wish to be six again was actually to be a size six again.

As adults, we forget to take play-time. Our excuse, we are too busy, we might be laughed at. We need to let our spirits go and JUST BE in order to let the Holy in. Say Yes  to life.Continuing with the focus on play, the congregation was invited to select from a basket of fun, colouring pages and crayons or bubbles. Everyone enjoyed play time.

Scripture selections were Psalm 100 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-13

Hymns were Shout for God, Sing a Happy Hallelujah and I’ve Got Joy.

We welcomed and thanked Gabrielle Waugh for her ministry of music..

Greeters were Ruth Mackay and Wilson Jones. Steward was Margaret Anne Dodson.

 NEXT SUNDAY… the practice of hospitality

Sunday, July 24… the practice of doing justice (featuring the music of U2)

Submitted by Donna Weaver

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