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Worship Blog 08-21-11

Greeting the Congregation was Doris Young. Beautiful piano stylings of Paula Millman filled the Sanctuary as we gathered for Worship. Rev. Mary-Beth Moriarity was welcomed back following vacation. She offered a heartfelt thank you to Nancy Fraser for leading Worship in her absence. Bev Simmons acted as Steward. We joined in a chorus of Happy Birthday to honor Sylvia Macdonald. All are welcome to gather next Saturday from 2 to 4 in the Church Hall to celebrate Sylvia’s special day. Margaret Anne Dodson read the Mission Moment. Please give generously to M&S.

Rev. Moriarity continued her study of Spiritual Practices and our theme today was Sabbath Keeping. In the Christian and Jewish tradition the Creator rested after six days work and instructed all Earth and its’ peoples to take time to rest. We are to set aside time to refresh and be aware of the Holy all around us. It may not be a Sunday, as any day of the week, or hours in the day or even moments in the day can be a Sabbath. She questioned why we find it so hard just to take time for ourselves. It is so important that we honor God by taking care of our mind, body and spirit by Sabbath Keeping. The Holy is there; lose yourself long enough for God to find you. Scriptures read were Exodus 20: 8 to 11 and Mark 2: 23-27.  Hymns sung were Come and Find the Quiet Centre and Like a River of Tears. Prayers were offered for Emma Lee Stewart. The Offering was received by Ruth MacKay and Jane Burris. A beautiful duet, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms was offered by Randy and Cecely Gilby.

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